Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Problems Controlling Emotions In The Adult Aspie.

The Problems Controlling Emotions In The Adult Aspie.

Yes he has learnt how to adjust through out the years, he has managed to get through life and even enjoy it at times; and yet he still struggles with controlling his emotions.
They can become over whelming especially dependent on the effort and emotion that he has personally imparted to this particular scenario.

we tend too mistake the irrational outburst of behaviour as an immediate over reaction to what is happening at the time, yet we forget that this can be his debilitating hurt showing through. He is stuck, he doesnt know how to process where he is at, and yes his rational self (the one that has learnt to adapt to life and the curve balls that it occasionally throws) is screaming at him to get control.

But its too late .....his mind is racing a million miles an hour filling his self with irrational scenarios of what is happening, or what others are thinking. He is emotionally cornered, the panic is starting to show!!!
before he knows it he has spun into "attack mode"'the lethal combination of the Aspie Genius and the forked tongue of hatred.

This is where he will attack with full throttle until he can see a way to escape, as soon as that opening presents he will take it.....oblivious at times of what he has said. You will find him trying to retreat into his safe place......where he may numb his mind and reduce the thought process of what has occurred. He wont want too visit it later and he wont want too or cant remember what he has said, but over time we too can help him too overcome this stumbling block to recognize that damage that was also done to him, ways that he could handle that situation when it arises again (and it will ).

Every experience for all of us is a learning curb, for our Adult Aspies feel things more intensely at times then we realise.

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