Sunday, 22 June 2014

Is the Aspie marriage a bad one?


Is the Aspie marriage a bad one?

I think not, although to be honest if you had asked me last week I may just have disagreed.  Yes the stress of Christmas and getting everything done; coupled with visiting my family in the bush (unfortunately mum is no longer with us) set us off on a 3 hr. road trip not talking and not happy.

Little A in the back thought it wise to put his ear phones on ,I’m sure to block out the deafening silence that had taken over the car.

Time flew quietly with the occasional toilet stop and grunt of “do you need to go”, but we arrived safe and in one piece.  Family came rushing out to see us and smiles and hugs all around until we spun round and realised we were facing each other.

The inevitable was going to happen I knew it was coming I should have never got in the car……..Bam it hit Meltdown on a major scale Big A had lost it.

I’m sure the neighbours heard ( they’re  only 15km) away, I stood there in amazement as I watched Big A loose it I remember thinking Hmm  be understanding, he doesn’t mean it, Poor thing  but in reality what happened was ………………my back straightened , my hand curled into a fist and I screamed everything I could think of  back at him .

Not quite the text book response one is supposed to have ………..OOPS.

And of course the cool down came as both curled up in bed exhausted cheeky smiles and a I LOVE YOU was grunted from both.

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